Our Banjos

Here at the Cornish Banjo Company we are passionate about our native hardwoods. There are superb tonal and structural qualities to be found in some of our local species. Sycamore particularly is fabulously sonorous and is known to offer a quality of figure above many others. We also work with other non native species to order; American Maple, Walnut, Rosewood, Mahogany etc but with our local hardwoods we are able to guarantee sustainability to help support our long tradition of ethical forestry and woodland management here in the UK.
Our necks feature a dual action truss rod offering ultimate control and neck stability. Our standard material choice for the fretboard is Ebony but others are available upon request. The headstock veneer is made from Ebony or Cornish Applewood. The inlay is either one or a combination of Abalone, Mother of Pearl or Cornish Cow Bone (our personal favourite and signature inlay material. Cut from the remains of a deceased cow shin bone, it is a very hard white material that has been used for hundreds of years for many different purposes. NO cows are harmed by the CBC!). The neck can be shaped exactly as requested or replicated to match that of another.