Trelawny Open Back Banjos

Our open back banjos draw from the influences of the 'Old Time' tradition. Most commonly used for Claw Hammer and Frailing styles, they also offer a lighter option for the Bluegrass player. All our open back banjos are made from grade one selected sycamore with an ebony fingerboard and headstock overlay with hand cut bone position markers and inlay designs. The traditional three ply steam bent rims are also made from selected sycamore and are either an all wood construction or various tone ring options including our own Whitechapel Tone Ring. Twin coordinator rods and a dual action truss rod are used for maximum stability and neck alignment. Geared tuners and a 24 hook tension ring are used as standard.
We are happy to discuss or offer advice on any aspect of your banjo should you wish to customise.
Whitechapel Tone Ring.
Sycamore Neck and Rim.
Dual layered Headstock Veneer.
Dual layer Heel Veneer.
Abalone Inlay.
Chrome plated Tension Ring and Tension Hooks.
Waverley Tuners.
Fults Tailpiece.
Remo Head.
Sycamore Bridge with an ebony top.

Starting price - £2,499
Please contact us to order this banjo or discuss any modifications and custom designs.

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